AZ DUI HelpIf your case involved retrieval of blood or urine during your DUI arrest, you will need to wait and see if your results arrive back higher or lower than .08%. It generally takes anywhere between one (1) and six (6) months to get your results back. If your blood results are over a .08%, the officer will send a request for suspension to the DMV. The DMV agency will then notify you with a “Corrective Action Notice” (i.e., notice of suspension). The instant you obtain this from the DMV, contact us immediately so we can request a hearing on your behalf. This request has to be completed within fifteen (15) days of the date of that suspension notice.

What can be confusing is that the Corrective Action Notice will state that the suspension will not proceed into effect until twenty (20) days after mailing of the notice. Do not let them fool you with this additional five (5) days; you have to request a hearing inside the fifteen (15) day period. If you are halted by an officer after we have requested a hearing, you will not have a yellow copy of a temporary driver’s license in your ownership. His computer should disclose that we have demanded a hearing on your behalf. If he still writes you a ticket for driving on a suspended license, do not fret. Simply bring it to us and we will take care of it. If he arrests you for driving on a suspended license, you can take legal action against the DMV for not imputing the hearing request into the computer (assuming you were not suspended prior to your DUI, DWI, or Extreme DUI arrest).

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