ARS 28-1445.  Alcohol or other drug screening; license suspension

-After a DUI arrest has occurred, the DMV will take action on your license if your BAC in above a .08 or if you refuse the blood test.  In either case, if your drivers license or privilege to drive has been suspended based on a DUI arrest, you must complete an alcohol or drug screening in order to have your license or privilege to drive in Arizona reinstated.  In addition, if you are eligible for a permit during your suspension period, this screening must be completed before the DMV will issue the permit.

A. The department of transportation shall order a person whose driving privilege, license, permit, right to apply for a license or permit or nonresident operating privilege is suspended pursuant to section 28-1385 to complete alcohol or other drug screening pursuant to this chapter. The alcohol or other drug screening shall be provided by a facility approved by the department of health services.

B. The department may accept evidence satisfactory to the department and in a manner prescribed by the department, after consulting with the administrative office of the courts, of a person’s completion of alcohol or other drug screening ordered by the court pursuant to section 28-1381, 28-1382, 28-1383 or 28-1387 as sufficient to meet the alcohol or other drug screening requirements of section 28-1385 and this section or the department may order the person to complete additional alcohol or other drug screening.

C. A person who is ordered to complete alcohol or other drug screening is responsible for paying the costs of the screening.

D. The department shall issue a driver license or permit or reinstate a person’s driving privilege only if the person provides satisfactory evidence to the department that the person has completed alcohol or other drug screening.

E. A person who provides an alcohol or other drug screening program shall electronically report the following to the department in a form prescribed by the department:

1. The completion of screening pursuant to this section.

2. The failure of a person to complete screening as ordered by the department pursuant to this section.