ARS 28-1463.  Proof of compliance; suspension; hearings

A. If a person whose driving privilege is limited pursuant to section 28-1381, 28-1382, 28-1383 or 28-3319 or restricted pursuant to section 28-1402 does not submit proof of compliance to the department as prescribed in section 28-1461, the department shall suspend the person’s driving privilege until proof of compliance is submitted to the department. Unless a different time period is specified, the department shall require use of the certified ignition interlock device for one year from the date the person submits proof of compliance as prescribed in section 28-1461. If a person does not request a hearing pursuant to subsection B of this section, the department shall immediately suspend the person’s driver license.

B. A person whose driver license is suspended pursuant to this section may submit a written request for a hearing. The written request must be received by the department within fifteen days after the date of the order of suspension. On receipt of a request for a hearing, a hearing shall be held within thirty days.

C. A timely request for a hearing stays the suspension until a hearing is held, except that the department shall not return any surrendered driver license or permit to the person but may issue temporary permits to drive that expire no later than when the department has made its final decision.

D. Hearings requested pursuant to this section shall be conducted in the same manner and under the same conditions as provided in section 28-3306. For the purposes of this section, the scope of the hearing shall include only the following issues:

1. Whether the person was ordered or required to equip a motor vehicle with an ignition interlock device pursuant to article 3 or 3.1 of this chapter or section 28-3319.

2. Whether the person submitted proof of compliance or inspection pursuant to section 28-1461.