AZ DUI HelpInmates are permitted to make collect calls from designated pay phones that are located in both the In-Tents and Con-Tents. Pay phones can be used once an inmate’s booking number has been processed through, usually about 24 hours. Each inmate is issued an I.D. card with a booking number printed on it. This number is required to place each collect call. While the first collect call is being made, the system will ask for that inmate’s name. That name is recorded and used each time someone answers on the other end. In addition to the inmate’s name, there is a short message letting the recipient know that “this call is being placed by an inmate at Maricopa County Jail.” Collect calls are not able to be placed to cell phones or land lines that do not accept collect calls. These calls average about $5.00 per call and are limited to about 15 minutes. Calls are also recorded.

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