AZ DUI HelpThroughout your sentence in Tent City, your right and privilege to smoke is revoked. If you are part of a work release/ work furlough program, you are able to smoke as soon as you are off of Tent City property. Cigars, cigarettes, matches, lighters, and smoking paraphernalia of any kind are not permitted inside Tent City. There is a stringent NO SMOKING policy in place that is strictly enforced. There are rumors that despite this rule, smoking still occurs in Tent City. You will not be permitted to take any smoking products or paraphernalia into Tent City when you are being “processed in.” If you are on work release or work furlough and are discovered with any of the aforementioned items in your possession, you will be “rolled up” and your work release/ work furlough privileges will be revoked. You will then be required to complete the remainder of your sentence “straight.” Be aware: If you are seen standing near an inmate caught smoking, it is highly possible that you will be “rolled up” with the smoker. It is advised that if anyone around you lights up and begins to smoke, you distance yourself as fast as possible so you are not thought to be associated in the act. “Association” can cause the same issues for you inside Tent City as it can in the outside world.

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