AZ DUI HelpWhile “processing in” to Tent City, you will need to hand over any and all current prescribed medications you are taking. You will be permitted to check in ONLY: unexpired, doctor prescribed medicine(s), in your name, and they must be in their original container(s). Also, the whole label needs to legible and intact. There will be ZERO exceptions. Any other medications will not be permitted in. It is worth mentioning that any illegal drugs or substances found in your procession will not only be seized, but will follow your arrest and more charges will be brought against you. There will be no warning or second chances!

While in Tent City, your medication will be held by the staff during your processing period. They will remain out of your possession until you are processed. However, there will be a “Med Call.” You will have to listen for the overhead PA system to announce these calls. After you hear the call for meds you’ll report to a designated window where you will be given your dose(s). “Med Calls” are made once in the morning and once in the evening. Be forewarned: it is not uncommon for meds to be missed or given at irregular times. With thousands of inmates to care for, Tent City does not have time to arrange its schedule around each individual taking his medication when he may be accustomed to it (or even when he needs to take it).  You will adjust and become more flexible, or become miserable—it’s up to you. The purpose of this guide is to mentally prepare you for such situations. It is crucial to understand that your routine will be anything but…routine.

With thousands of dollars in wrongful death suits paid and pending, it’s best to cover all your bases when it comes to medications. Make sure you are knowledgeable about using the phones if you have a need or emergency that might come up.

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