AZ DUI HelpIf you are fortunate enough to serve your time in Con-Tents (Work Furlough), the wonderful news is that you are able to wear your own clothes. It is amazing how much more human you feel when you can wear your own clothing. This is also helpful in adjusting to the seasons and the variety in temperature you will face while in the tents.

Overnighters—you are permitted to bring the clothing you are wearing, a watch, a wallet containing up to forty dollars, and a book. If the weather is chilly, be sure to wear layers and thermals. Some officers will allow you to bring in a beanie or a jacket with a hood as long as you don’t don them during intake.

Work release—allows what is listed above in addition to a towel, a small battery operated clock, and a small flashlight.

Work Furlough—you are permitted to bring everything listed above in addition to about 5 sets of clothing (socks, underwear, shirts, pants, etc.). You are also allowed to take a couple of jackets or coats. These are approximations, as it differs from D.O. to D.O. and from day to day. Work Furlough inmates regularly take clothing in and out for a number of reasons (they get new outfits, do their laundry, or just bring different clothes). Once you get used to the process, you shouldn’t run into many problems. Try to keep your jail wardrobe simple. The drawers are not spacious and searches can happen randomly in the tents in an attempt to find any violations of the policies.

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