AZ DUI HelpClearly, there is no good time to go to jail. Seasonally speaking, however, there is a more bearable time to be incarcerated. Tent City is an outdoor jail facility in Phoenix. So, as is the case in “the outside world,” July, August, and September are the most uncomfortable months. There is NO air conditioning at all provided for the inmates. It can be extremely uncomfortable 24/7 even though the tents typically have large fans at one or both ends. Everyone’s mood is affected by the harsh heat—inmates and guards alike.

During winter, the least bearable months are December, January, and February. There are, of course, no heaters for the inmates and, at many times, no hot water for the showers. These rough weather months make Tent City that much more difficult to handle. The best you can do is be as mentally and physically prepared as possible.

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